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How Businesses are Creating More Fair Chance Opportunities

Updated: Aug 16, 2023


Key Takeaways

  • Labor shortage and employee retention challenges continue to persist across numerous key industries.

  • In order to bolster employee recruitment and retention efforts, many companies are turning to Fair Chance Hiring models to build and keep talent.

  • Some employers are taking it one step further by hiring leadership and creating teams that are dedicated to developing and advancing Fair Chance efforts.


Since 2020 many key industries have suffered labor shortages that have only become more pronounced with time. The fast food industry has seen the highest rates of employee attrition out of any industry, while the manufacturing industry has seen over 1.4 million jobs lost since 2020 according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. To address these labor challenges, government and business leaders are developing and expanding Fair Chance Hiring efforts.

Many states for example have implemented ‘ban the box’ laws to prevent employers from filtering out certain segments of the talent pool from consideration for open positions. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, California, and Colorado, have passed ‘clean slate’ laws that automatically seal the records of justice-impacted people after a set amount of time. Laws like these are designed to prevent employers from discriminating against people with past convictions while also providing them with better access to career opportunities.

Building on these laws some employers are demonstrating their commitment to Fair Chance Employment by creating new roles within the company. Untamed Brands recently hired a Fair Chance Ambassador to focus on expanding employment and leadership opportunities for justice-impacted people across their companies. Her role involves advancing recruitment strategies for individuals with past convictions and tailoring benefits and resources to meet their unique needs. Untamed Brands, the parent company of Hot Chicken Takeover, has been focused on Fair Chance Employment for the past few years. Joe DeLoss, the founder of HCT, breaks down the challenges they faced and overcame here.

American Family Insurance has also demonstrated its commitment to Fair Chance Employment through the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact, a funder of initiatives working to close equity gaps in America. Through the Institute and their Director, Nyra Jordan, AmFam has championed Fair Chance programs across the company and partnered with organizations in local markets working to support families who have been impacted by the justice system. During a conversation with AmFam’s Monique Williams, the Envoy team explores the strategies the American Family Insurance Institute used to develop its approach to Fair Chance Employment and how they addressed challenges throughout the process.


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