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Fair Chance Employment 

Our Fair Chance employment practice is designed to support employers and industry associations to implement inclusive hiring strategies that expand candidate pools and provide career opportunities for people impacted by the justice system. Through this work, we partner with employers to launch comprehensive Fair Chance hiring initiatives and collaborate with local and national associations, chambers, and sector partnerships to build multi-employer coalitions and member guidance. 

Employer Engagements

Envoy leads comprehensive engagements that span several months to several years and are designed to add Fair Chance Employment as a key tenet of clients’ talent strategies. Our team works with  employers across a diverse range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, technology, and finance to develop and launch Fair Chance policies, practices, and sustainable recruiting strategies. 

Membership Associations

Envoy collaborates with industry associations, chambers, and regional initiatives to develop tools, guidance, and strategy for their membership. Our team specializes in providing broad based guidance, resources and support to a broad range of stakeholders that are addressing workforce development and equity & inclusion through Fair Chance employment.

Featured Clients

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