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Our Team

Envoy was established in 2017 to bring together a team of social impact leaders to help launch and expand high-performing and high-potential initiatives. Envoy’s team has diverse experience leading philanthropic funds, directing national nonprofits, running large regional initiatives, and serving in corporate leadership roles. We have worked on all sides of social impact initiatives, as fundraisers, grantmakers, program managers, and executive leaders and bring a balanced and informed perspective to organizational growth.

Envoy Team

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Cassi Spruill

Managing Director


Emma Pottenger

Senior Associate


Matt Joyce


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Salomon Moreno Rosa

Managing Director


Ty Bailey 

Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Vanessa Vasquez

Chief of Staff

Senior Advisors


Alex Love



Jarvis Idowu

Senior Advisor


Nate Falkner

Senior Advisor

Our Approach


We founded Envoy in 2017 to offer social impact consulting services that center on implementation.  As a team of nonprofit and business leaders, we believed strongly that planning and strategy are only as valuable as our ability to execute -- and we designed our engagements to support clients to and through implementation of new initiatives and organizational growth. 
Through our Strategy & Philanthropy practice, we have launched new organizations with outstanding leaders, managed through geographic and programmatic expansion and helped clients navigate changing landscapes impacting their work. Through our six year history, we have remained purposeful about selecting engagements where we can play a complementary and valuable role alongside their staff and leadership. We have also leveraged our experience working at creative grantmaking organizations such as the GreenLight Fund and the Robin Hood Foundation to support families and funders designing new approaches to charitable giving.  In these engagements, we aim to partner with philanthropists developing long-term giving strategies and supporting them through planning, diligence, organizational structuring.  
Our Fair Chance Employment practice has its roots in criminal justice reform, workforce readiness and human resource management experiences across our team. We first launched our Fair Chance practice in 2019 after a year of working with the founding board of a national probation reform initiative. Several of its board members led large companies and asked us to review their HR policies and practices to understand if their hiring process reflected their commitments to fairness and opportunity for people impacted by the justice system. These early engagements with companies like Bojangles and Rue Gilt Groupe helped us develop a model for Fair Chance implementation that we have adapted for a wide range of employers across industries. By focusing on policy modernization, proactive hiring pilots, training & culture building, and sustainable community partnerships, we have designed an engagement strategy that enables employers, industries, and influential leaders to expand opportunity and broaden
 their talent pipelines. 
Since 2017 our team has grown to include talented leaders, specialists, and project managers who share the common goals of building trust and adding expertise, and seeing projects through to impact and long-term viability.  

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Envoy is Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with offices in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. 
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