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Ken Oliver Discusses Fair Chance Hiring in His Most Recent Article

Updated: Apr 24


Key Takeaways

  • Ken Oliver, Vice President of and Executive Director of the Checkr Foundation, has helped create more equitable conditions for fair chance job seekers by creating better background check tools for employers.

  • SHRM’s 2021 Getting Talent Back to Work report found that 81% of businesses found fair chance employees to perform equally to non-justice impacted employees


Just last week Ken Oliver released an article discussing the need and validity of fair chance hiring. Oliver's article highlights the growing need to access untapped talent pools as traditional avenues become less accessible. Oliver Provides the business case for fair chance hiring providing a recent Reuters analysis displaying lower turnover rates for justice-impacted employees. The Checkr VP also provides success stories from major groups like Microsoft and Nike where justice-impacted employees proved invaluable to the company.

To read Ken Oliver's full article on how Fair Chance hiring can help solve labor shortages check out his full article here.



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