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Strategy & Philanthropy Conversations: Brianna Westbrooks

Updated: Mar 12

Key Takeaways

  • Philanthropy doesn’t have to be limited to families and institutions – collaborative giving initiatives such as the Spruce Foundation help democratize philanthropy and enable contributors to also share time, expertise, and other resources to make an impact.

  • The Spruce Foundation is a Philadelphia-based grantmaking organization raising money each year through events, small donations, and sponsorships to provide grants for emerging, youth-serving nonprofits.

  • The Foundation’s main goal is to encourage young people to participate in philanthropy through financial giving, board governance, volunteering, and more. They believe the field of philanthropy benefits from a diverse set of perspectives and when people of all ages and backgrounds are involved.


Envoy specializes in creative and early-stage philanthropy and we love to lift up models that are encouraging and deepening charitable impact. In our most recent addition to the Envoy Conversation Series, Salomon Moreno-Rosa and Corinne Bogan of our Strategy & Philanthropy team sit down with Brianna Westbrooks, Board Member at the Spruce Foundation and Government Relations Associate at Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies. Brianna discusses her role at the Spruce Foundation, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that cultivates next-gen leaders and philanthropists. Brianna talks about the mission of the Spruce Foundation, how they support youth-serving Philadelphia nonprofits, and how they integrate equitable, inclusive practices in their grantmaking approach.

To hear more, check out the conversation here.


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