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Strategy & Philanthropy Conversations: Cory Donovan

Key Takeaways

  • ImpactPHL's mission is to grow impact investing in Philadelphia by aligning financial returns with positive social and environmental outcomes.

  • ImpactPHL organizes events, workshops, resource development, and facilitates connections between investors and high-impact ventures that help address systemic issues around poverty and inequality.

  • Our conversation with ImpactPHL highlights several ongoing initiatives that demonstrate the potential of impact investing to drive meaningful change, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, education, and advocacy to expand the giving ecosystem. 


Envoy has a long track record of collaborating with foundations and philanthropic leaders to help build grantmaking strategies that bolster grantee engagement and deepen impact. We work with leaders to think about how to invest their resources to grow and scale initiatives that work to address community issues. We’re excited about our recent conversation with ImpactPHL, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit focused on advancing impact investment opportunities across the region, to discuss opportunities to build upon traditional philanthropic models in order to address entrenched economic disparities and complex social challenges. Cory Donovan, Executive Director at ImpactPHL, joined the Envoy team to discuss the importance of ensuring financial investments, similar to philanthropic giving, are aligned to people’s values and interests in addressing social issues. We discussed ImpactPHL’s mission and program model, and touched on several initiatives that highlight the potential of impact investing to drive meaningful change. The conversation underscored the importance of collaborative efforts and the need for continued education and advocacy to expand the impact investing ecosystem. 

To listen to the entire conversation, check out the link here.


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