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Patrice Funderburg on Building Community Partnerships

Updated: Mar 11

Key Takeaways

  • Employment and career readiness training, along with dedicated case management services, can be transformative for the short- and long-term success of individuals with past system involvement

  • Community organizations play a key role in determining fit and readiness of candidates and are critical partners in identifying and developing strong pipelines of talent

  • When assessing the effectiveness of employer partnerships, it is important to not only look at retention and attrition numbers, but also to track “talent mobility” or the advancement of people with past convictions through the company

  • Securing leadership buy-in, which requires engaging senior leaders and removing any “blindspots” on Fair Chance hiring, is an important first step for developing strong partnerships between companies and community organizations

During this segment, Matt Joyce and Alex Love introduce their colleague and co-host Salomon Moreno-Rosa and speak with Patrice Funderburg, Executive Director of The Center for Community Transitions (CCT) about supporting individuals with past justice involvement and building proactive hiring collaborations with companies.

Patrice draws from her many years of experience working directly with companies to discuss with the Levelset team how she measures the effectiveness of partnerships between community organizations and employers. The conversation highlights the successful partnership between CCT and Bojangles' Restaurants and the importance of leadership buy-in. The discussion concludes with Patrice providing advice to employers who are looking to build strong Fair Chance initiatives and community partnerships.



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