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Fair Chance Conversations: From Pilot to Companywide Strategy with Ken Kuwamura, Union Pacific

Updated: Mar 21

  • Developing strong relationships and collaborating with local community organizations can help justice-impacted candidates maximize their likelihood of success.

  • Embedding key wraparound supports, such as transportation and case management resources, will support long-term employee retention.

  • Leaders must adopt and encourage a new language and vocabulary around Fair Chance Employment to help encourage best practices at the highest levels of an organization.


Ken Kuwamura of Union Pacific Railroad breaks down how they have developed their talent acquisition strategy to include Fair Chance opportunities. Union Pacific began their Fair Chance Employment pilot in Houston in 2021 and since then have grown their efforts to Los Angeles and the Twin Cities. Ken discusses how working with experts like Envoy helped create new inroads with local community organizations and connect to existing training programs as a way to identify new talent. Lastly, Ken discusses Union Pacific’s future plans to continue to expand their Fair Chance Employment nationwide.

To see the full interview follow the link to our Youtube channel here!



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