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Envoy's New Scorecard Helps Employers Identify the Best Community Partners

Updated: Feb 12

Key Takeaways:

  • Envoy’s Community Partner Scorecard helps employers assess the fit and alignment of community reentry and workforce development organizations

  • The Scorecard can help employers understand the local ecosystem of service providers as they grow and implement partnerships with community organizations

  • The goal of this tool is to help foster stronger partnerships between community organizations and employers


Envoy has developed a community partnerships scorecard to help companies seek out the right qualifications in a partner by exploring various programmatic and operational qualities, such as effective work readiness programming, comprehensive employer partnerships, and ongoing retention supports.

The scorecard is meant to help employers ask the right questions and understand prospective partners’ ability to support the recruitment and hiring of people with past convictions. By looking at factors like training opportunities, reentry support, and scale of referrals, the scorecard highlights community organizations’ strengths and helps assess whether they can help meet hiring and retention goals.

To assist employers in their efforts to implement strong Fair Chance hiring initiatives, we have embedded the Community Partner Scorecard on our site. We hope this scorecard will lead to effective outcomes and new strategies for implementing strong community partnerships.

Click here to download a PDF of the scorecard.



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