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Envoy Releases Fair Chance Hiring Self-Assessment

Updated: Mar 11

  • Envoy's self-assessment evaluates Fair Chance practices across recruitment, HR, and organizational culture

  • Employers' Fair Chance “score” can help establish a baseline for growth

  • We hope this tool will spark internal dialogue about best practices and opportunities for improvement


Envoy's team has spent the past several years working closely with employers to support efforts to implement Fair Chance hiring practices. For those companies new to the field, the first question is often: “What do we mean when we say Fair Chance?” This spring we set out to build a first-of-its-kind tool to help answer that question.

Now embedded in our site is a simple ten questions assessment that helps companies rate their Fair Chance practices on a 50 point scale. The assessment covers a range of recruitment, human resources, and organizational culture topics, designed to show the spectrum of accessibility and support for candidates and employees with past convictions. An employer’s Fair Chance “score” can help establish a baseline from which to grow as they work to create a more inclusive workplace.

We hope the assessment tool will not only help employers self-assess, but spark internal dialogue about best practices and encourage companies to consider implementing new policies, processes, and resources to attract and retain great talent.



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