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Envoy introduces new survey to assess and encourage Fair Chance practices among vendors

Updated: Mar 11

Key Takeaways :

  • Many employers depend on staffing firms and contractors to employ a significant percentage of their workforce. Fair Chance companies should understand whether their vendors are aligned on hiring practices and integrate these values into their selection process.

  • Many vendors feel compelled to disqualify candidates with past convictions to demonstrate lower risks to client companies. Articulating your Fair Chance commitments may free vendors to be more inclusive.

  • Whether this survey factors into a decision matrix or just provides context, simply asking these questions can encourage more inclusive practices among vendors and suppliers


Levelset introduced a simple vendor survey to help give employers visibility into the employment practices of their suppliers and partners. Over the past several years we have learned that many of our clients -- especially those fields such as entertainment and technology -- lean heavily on staffing partners.

Part of their Fair Chance strategies have included gaining more insight and influence on their vendors' hiring practices to promote inclusivity across the company footprint and encourage accessible starting points. We have taken some of the learnings from these collaborations and published this simple tool to encourage more employers to align their Fair Chance practices and values with their suppliers.

Please click here to access the Fair Chance Employment Vendor & Supplier Survey!



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