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Our Team


Alex is founder and CEO of Alex Love Consulting. They use their deep background in human resources and talent strategy as well as DEI expertise to advise clients on best practices as it relates to policies, procedures and culture to support the most inclusive workplaces. Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in sociocultural anthropology from New York University.

Alex Love


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Cassi is a Managing Director at Envoy. She uses her experience at the intersection of employer-led workforce development and inclusive hiring strategies to lead fair chance employment practices and comprehensive partnerships with employers and associations. Cassi holds a Masters of Public Administration from NC State University.

Cassi Zumbiel

Managing Director


Chloe is an intern at Envoy. She is entering the final year of her Bachelor of Arts in history at the University of Oxford, where she is the coordinator between the University and underfunded British schools to assist in the application process for disadvantaged students.

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Corinne is an Associate at Envoy. She brings experience in mixed-methods evaluation, research, and policy analysis to support project management and strategy at Envoy. She employs an equity and SDOH-informed lens in her approach to complex social challenges. Corinne holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Delaware.

Corinne Bogan



Emma is an Associate at Envoy. She has experience in prison and jail reform and advocacy from the ACLU of Southern California Jails Project, and the Prison Education Project. Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Occidental College. 

Emma Pottenger



Jarvis is a senior advisor at Envoy. He is a highly experienced criminal justice reform advocate with a focus on the development and implementation of prosecutorial reform throughout the United States. As an Assistant District Attorney at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Jarvis led the Office to end Manhattan’s prosecution of fare-evasion cases, and served as the Deputy Executive Director at Prosecutor Impact. Jarvis holds a BA from Skidmore College and a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Jarvis Idowu

Senior Advisor


Mae is an Associate at Envoy. Prior to Envoy, she completed a Fulbright grant and interned for a think tank and an ESG data provider. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in behavioral decision sciences from Brown University.

Mae Fullerton



As a partner at Envoy, Matt has led a diverse range of engagements, spanning organizational design, growth planning, and launching new initiatives. Through Envoy's Levelset initiative, Matt has also led inclusive hiring engagements with large companies and industry associations, designed to expand Fair Chance employment practices. Matt previously held leadership roles with the GreenLight Fund and Center for Employment Opportunities. Matt holds a BA from Haverford College and an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Matt Joyce



Matthew is a Research Associate at Levelset and is currently the manager of a vocational center at a homeless-services non-profit in Washington D.C. He is earning his Master's in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and hopes to one day utilize his non-profit background in a career working in federal, state, or local government.

Matthew LaBorde

Research Associate

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Salomon is a Managing Director at Envoy. He uses his background and expertise in nonprofit administration and policy development to inform inclusive hiring, philanthropy, and strategic planning engagements that help drive organizational goals and advance local outcomes. Salomon holds Masters of Public Administration and Education Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Salomon Moreno Rosa

Managing Director


Nate is a senior advisor at Envoy. He has spent nearly a decade in nonprofit leadership roles in organizations such as Single Stop USA  and iMentor.  Over the course of his career, Nate has spent time in Afghanistan working on issues of education and international development and consulted with foundations, individuals and entrepreneurs on issues of strategy, operations and fund development. He holds an MPA from Columbia University and an MBA from Cal Berkeley.

Nate Falkner

Senior Advisor


Ty is the Social Media Intern and assists in developing blog posts and assets for the Levelset site. They have also lent their skills to nonprofits such as the Forestry Fire and Recruitment Program (FFRP) and continue to develop their marketing and asset creation skills at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Ty Bailey

Social Media Development and Analytics


Vanessa is the Founder of VV Consulting. She brings deep expertise in program management, organizational development, and strategic partnerships. She is passionate about social justice and utilizes her knowledge and background to help organizations move the needle towards long-lasting change. Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from St. John’s University.

Vanessa Vasquez