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The Second Chance Business Coalition releases Second Chance Onramps Guide.

  • Envoy collaborated with the SCBC on an action-oriented guide that provides 100 different practices and strategies for employers to implement and grow second chance employment efforts The guide offers key insights, resources, and case studies across a variety of business areas, including human resource policy & practice, talent partnerships, measurement, and more

  • Users of the guide are encouraged to identify and celebrate areas where they have already made progress and consider where momentum and opportunities exist to do even more.


In April, the Second Chance Business Coalition (SCBC) unveiled its 2022 Second Chance Onramps Guide to support the implementation and development of second chance initiatives across the country. Envoy collaborated with the SCBC to develop the pathways and menu of actions, as well as to highlight employers exemplifying these best practices. The Onramps Guide is designed as a series of pathways illustrating a diverse array of ways to approach second chance employment. Employers can read this guide at different stages of their exploration and implementation, as these pathways offer both starting points and growth trajectories to advance second chance goals. The Onramps Guide also spotlights companies that have adopted certain highlighted practices and provides resources and links to deepen knowledge and improve implementation. We expect the Onramps Guide will be a resource to employers large and small to develop, expand and grow their commitments to advancing second chances.



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