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The Manufacturing Institute Launches a New Second Chance Hiring Program in San Antonio

Key Takeaways :

  • The Bexar County-area partnership will help to train and employ justice involved individuals and recruit them into high skill jobs in several Texas-based manufacturing companies.

  • One in four Americans currently possess a criminal record. Without second chance opportunities, many are excluded from the workforce while employers search for candidates who can fill the skills gap.

  • With manufacturers needing to fill millions of positions by the end of the decade, this program is exactly the sort of initiative the industry and communities across the country need to take.


The Manufacturing Institute (MI) in partnership with Bexar County’s Department of Economic and Community Development and Office of Criminal Justice Policy will collaborate with four Texas manufacturers to implement a “Second Chance” hiring pilot program. The pilot program is aimed at increasing opportunities in the industry for workers with criminal records and will help attract overlooked candidates into Texas’s manufacturing sector.

The program will recruit and give training to justice-involved individuals to access employment opportunities at various manufacturing companies, including Forma Automotive, Vutex, Toyoda Gosei, and Toyotetsu Texas. To see MI’s full press release and find more info on what their program entails, please click here.



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