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Envoy talks community-based partnerships with the Manufacturing Institute

Updated: Mar 21

Key Takeaways :

  • While there are several examples of national and statewide organizations providing reentry support and workforce development, most resources tend to be hyperlocal. As such, it is important to connect with local workforce boards and reentry councils to understand the landscape of service providers and potential community partners.

  • Identifying community organizations that offer strong job readiness support is a great place to start when developing thoughtful partnerships. It is also important to look for community organizations that concurrent reentry supports and understand the collateral consequences of the criminal legal system.

  • Strong partnerships with community organizations can take many shapes. Before developing formal engagements, it is important to assess internal needs and identify the qualifications needed from a community partner. To help address some of those questions, Levelset collaborated with MI on a Community Partnerships Scorecard.


Through its Second Chance Hiring virtual series, the Manufacturing Institute’s (MI) recently hosted a webinar entitled Second Chance Hiring in Your Community where they covered best practices around building strong partnerships with community-based organizations. The session included several nonprofit leaders from reentry and workforce development organizations who are working directly with formerly incarcerated people to help them gain full and meaningful employment, including Brittany Murray from the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO).

The session also included Levelset’s Matt Joyce and Salomon Moreno-Rosa who shared their expertise on identifying and vetting organizations for potential partnership.

To view a recording of the webinar, please visit: Second Chance Hiring In Your Community



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