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Envoy featured on Manufacturing Institutes Second Chance Webinar

Updated: Mar 21

Key Takeaways :

  • As the growth of the labor force decreases it is becoming more and more important to look to untapped labor pools for new talent

  • Fair chance hiring practices can help grow and elevate labor forces in the manufacturing industries

  • Focusing on retention around second chance hiring can actively lead to a more proactive workforce


The Manufacturing Institute recently held a webinar to provide their member’s guidance and rationale to support Second Chance hiring. The session included conversations on untapped talent in the formerly incarcerated labor force, ways to support formerly incarcerated employees, and how to develop second chance hiring programs.

Envoy's Matt Joyce and Alex Love spoke on the webinar about the best practices of how to implement second chance hiring. (43:00) They spoke on advocating for second chance hiring initiatives within an organization and building community collaboration on hiring initiatives. As well as how to retain second chance hires and push for proper development and growth within the talent pool.

The webinar provided a perspective on how to advocate and the importance of implementing second chance hiring practices. To watch the full video and discussion, please see below:



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