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Lead with Indeed Article Tackles Fair Chance hiring with Levelset

Key Takeaways :

  • Justice system involvement, even due to minor infractions such as misdemeanors, can create lifelong obstacles for someone trying to access housing, public assistance and especially employment.

  • Employees are increasingly demanding that their employers address issues of equity and inclusion, and want to work for companies that are intentional about creating social impact.

  • Opening jobs to people with criminal records can help them re-enter society and the workforce, reducing the likelihood of future arrests and convictions.

  • 85% of HR professionals indicate that workers with a criminal history are equally or more effective at their jobs compared to their peers. recently released an article entitled, How to Implement Fair Chance Hiring at Your Organization, on their Lead with Indeed homepage on the rationale and importance of Fair Chance hiring. The article discusses misconceptions surrounding Fair Chance hiring and a roadmap for what companies can do to become proactive about making their hiring practices more inclusive.

We were thrilled to collaborate with Indeed to offer their audience guidance on the positive impact that Fair Chance hiring has on a company’s culture and talent development strategy.



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