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Kelly Services launches a second chance hiring program knocking down unjust barriers to work

Key Takeaways :

  • Kelly 33, a new program by workforce solutions leader Kelly Services, connects talented job seekers who have a non-violent, non-relevant past conviction with employers.

  • By conducting individualized screenings of candidates’ past history with the justice system, Kelly looks at job-relatedness and how past convictions connect to specific positions.

  • Their Second Chance program creates a fair opportunity for individuals with a criminal background to access work without the unjust barriers that would otherwise disqualify them from employment.


Kelly Services is expanding its workforce solutions programming for candidates with criminal records after a successful partnership with Toyota Manufacturing in Kentucky. They assessed 1,242 candidates resulting in 92% of individuals eligible for placement with 645 second chance workers accepting Kelly’s job offer at Toyota. Building off this achievement, Kelly hopes to bring similar initiatives to clients across the country to fill vacant positions and give individuals with a criminal record a chance to break free from a cycle of poverty and crime through better and more just access to employment. Kelly advocates for removing employment barriers for second chance job seekers and conducted a survey that shows many Americans feel similarly – 83% agreed companies should do more to remove discriminatory practices that keep people form being hired or promoted.

Watch this video to hear how Keilon Ratliff, Vice President and head of Kelly’s automotive business, was inspired to build Kelly 33. For more information about the Kelly 33 initiative check out this link.

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