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Jeff Korzenik highlights Envoy’s Self-Assessment tool in his three steps to implementing Second

Updated: Mar 11

Key Takeaways :

  • Building general knowledge of resources and building partnerships with community-based organizations that have experience in Second Chance hiring can help employers when implementing best practices.

  • Companies should determine what barriers currently exist within internal hiring processes and identify barriers that exclude potential applicants from accessing opportunities.

  • It is important to commit to making changes and keep hiring teams accountable by starting in-house programs to develop and enact the best Second Chance hiring practices.


Continuing a series published by the Business Journal, Jeff Korzenick discusses the importance of businesses taking steps to implement promising Second Chance hiring practices. Among his three overarching recommendations, Korzenik states “Even before an applicant review, the recruiting process can be filled with steps that inadvertently stand in the way of utilizing this viable talent pool. Levelset, a consulting firm that works with employers to implement second-chance hiring practices, created an online 10-question, self-assessment for employers that helps uncover potential obstacles from recruiting through onboarding and beyond. While not every one of Levelset’s recommended practices will be a fit for every employer, this is an easy, fast and free resource to help examine potential barriers.”

Korzenik continues to be a leading voice in Fair Chance hiring. His 2021 book, Untapped Talent, is a first-of-its-kind resource for employers on the business case for employing candidates with past convictions.



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