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CEO of Checkr Speaks on How to Rethink Background Checks

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Key Takeaways :

  • There exists a major gap between the number of vacant jobs and lingering high unemployment

  • By changing company hiring practices to be more inclusive and removing barriers to employment for people with past convictions, business leaders can help reduce the hiring challenges they face

  • Fair Chance Hiring strategies give companies access to thousands of qualified candidates for jobs that need to be filled now and in the future


Daniel Yanisse, CEO of Checkr, was recently featured on Bloomberg TV’s What’d You Miss? to discuss Second Chance Hiring and the need to rethink background checks.

Yanisse discusses the high proportion of Americans who have been impacted by the criminal justice system and the barriers they continue to face when seeking employment. Yanisse describes the unique opportunity employers have to mitigate their hiring challenges by opening up and reconsidering outdated hiring policies.

Yanisse also highlights various local and national campaigns taking place that help support justice-impacted individuals, including growing advocacy for expunging criminal records and “banning the box” on job applications. Lastly, Yanisse cites various industries that are making inroads in developing and implementing policies that promote the hiring of people with past convictions, including the foodservice and technology sectors, which are both starting to see exciting success from their efforts.

To check out the full segment, click here.



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