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Celebrating Second Chance Hiring Month With Envoy


April is Second Chance Hiring Month, a time to celebrate second chances and recognize the importance of providing meaningful opportunities to the millions of individuals in this country who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. This month, we have an opportunity to learn more about how to expand access to qualified talent and support those in need through Second Chance initiatives and celebrate those who have made a difference by connecting justice-impacted job seekers with meaningful career opportunities.

Over the next four weeks, Envoy will share interviews from our Fair Chance Conversation series, case studies, blogs, and other relevant media stories about Fair Chance Employment. Through our communications and social media engagement, we will share tools and best practices for hiring people based on skills, qualifications, and potential, rather than past convictions or justice involvement. We will share stories about companies that have benefited from Fair Chance Employment and the community-based reentry organizations that are leading talent recruitment and training efforts on the ground.

This month, let’s celebrate the power of second chances and the many individuals and organizations who have made a difference through Fair Chance Employment efforts. Let’s recognize the importance of giving people a second chance and learn more about how we can support those in need.



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