Fair Chance Employment

Our Fair Chance employment practice is designed to support employers and industry associations to implement inclusive hiring strategies that expand candidate pools and provide career opportunities to people impacted by the justice system. Through this work, we partner with employers to adapt human resource policies and practices to make jobs more accessible and to launch comprehensive Fair Chance recruiting and retention efforts in partnership with community-based reentry and workforce organizations. Our team works with large and small employers across a diverse range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, technology, and finance to develop and launch Fair Chance employment initiatives. Envoy also collaborates with industry associations, chambers, and regional initiatives to develop tools, guidance, and strategy for their membership. 

Key tenets of our Fair Chance engagements include: 


Learning + Assessment

Evaluate current approaches and set goals for improvement and growth


HR Policy + Practices

Review and revise internal policies to maximize talent and opportunity


Coaching & Training

Ensure preparation across teams to embrace and contribute to fair chance practices


Recruitment, Retention & Mobility

Build community partnerships and company resources to attract and support candidates


Communication & Influence

Tell your fair chance hiring story and encourage peers and policymakers to follow suit


Measurement & Growth

Assess, adapt and expand practices based on outcomes and continuous learning

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to Cassi Zumbiel.

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Case Studies

Manufacturing Institue (MI)


Engagement: Through Levelset, Envoy has been working with the Manufacturing Institute (MI) to support its Second Chance Employment Initiative since early 2021. MI is the workforce and education arm of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and leads content and programming to meet the needs of its 14,000 member companies.


Results: Envoy has supported MI in strategy, content development, direct engagement and knowledge-building for members by building tools and learning resources to meet stated goals from manufacturers to build a broader and more accessible workforce. 

American Family Insurance 


Engagement: Envoy partnered with American Family Insurance (AmFam) in 2020 to build on the company’s strong commitment to Fair Chance hiring and help set company-wide standards of excellence. AmFam is one of the largest providers of insurance in the United States, employing over 11,000 individuals nationwide.


Results : Envoy worked closely with AmFam in three primary areas: updating policies and practices, building candidate pipelines, and communicating AmFam’s Fair Chance work internally. Updates included revisions to the application and background check process, pipeline expansion through mapping key markets for recruitment, community partnership development, and communications tools and language for internal and external use.