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Getting Started in Fair Chance Employment 

This session welcomes an audience of employers considering Fair Chance strategies to learn the basics and understand rationale and potential benefits of Fair Chance employment.

DATE: October 31, 2023 

VENUE: In-person

Learning Objective

Participants will understand how Fair Chance employment can be a resource to their company and community and have the resources and knowledge to determine whether to engage more deeply. 


  • Welcome & Goals 

  • What is Fair Chance employment? A tactical overview on building more inclusive talent strategies

  • Employer perspectives: Local and national Fair Chance leaders

  • Community Partnerships: Building a talent pipeline and supporting candidates and employees 

  • Overview of employer cohort and invitation to apply 

Discussion Topics

  • How is your organization already engaged in Fair Chance employment?

  • What are your internal concerns/barriers to hiring more people impacted by the justice system?

  • What would you need to know to move forward as a Fair Chance employer? 



Matt Joyce

Partner at Envoy 

As a partner at Envoy, Matt has led a diverse range of engagements, spanning organizational design, growth planning, and launching new initiatives. Through Envoy's Fair Chance employment practice, Matt has led inclusive hiring engagements with large companies and industry associations, designed to expand Fair Chance employment practices. Matt previously held leadership roles with the GreenLight Fund and Center for Employment Opportunities.


Cara Bowmore

Manager at Envoy 

​Cara is a Manager of Fair Chance Employment at Envoy. She uses her expertise in data-driven grantmaking and experience in workforce development and K-16 education to support the Fair Chance employment practice.

Implementation Resources

This resource from the Second Chance Business Coalition provides starting points and pathways to build Fair Chance employment into your talent strategy.

The Getting Talent Back to Work certificate is a multi-faceted program with the actionable knowledge and tools HR professionals, hiring managers, front-line supervisors, and other HR professionals need to attract, hire, and retain people with criminal records.

Envoy's ten question self-assessment can help companies check up on the current state of their recruiting, HR, and employment practices and set goals for continuous improvement.

Presentation Slides from 11/2

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