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This session is designed to share best practices in communicating Fair Chance strategies to maximize buy-in, awareness, and reach within the company and externally. 

VENUE: In-person

DATE: October 31, 2023 

Learning Objective

Gain insights on how to share Fair Chance employment with internal stakeholders and external audiences and be prepared for written communications and presentations. 


  • Welcome, session overview, and review inter-session progress

  • Internal Communication

  • FAQ’s and strategies to respond

  • How to onboard and motivate the implementation team

  • External Communication

  • Communicating to referral partners and jobseekers

  • Communicating to customers, media, and community 

Discussion Topics

  • Who are your most important audiences to advance the Fair Chance strategy?

  • Are you receiving any internal pushback in the first months? What are the themes?

  • What benefits or drawbacks do you see to publicizing your Fair Chance commitments?



Cara Bowmore

Manager at Envoy 

Cara is a Manager of Fair Chance Employment at Envoy. She uses her expertise in data-driven grantmaking and experience in workforce development and K-16 education to support the fair chance employment practice.


Emma Pottenger

Associate at Envoy 

Emma is an Associate at Envoy. She has experience in prison and jail reform and advocacy from the ACLU of Southern California Jails Project, and the Prison Education Project.

Implementation Resources

This document provides an overview of external-facing Fair Chance employment language that can be utilized on a company website or on job descriptions.

Internal Memo description

Presentation Slides from 11/2



HR Policies

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