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HR Policies 

This session provides an overview of the human resource practices that can drive Fair Chance employment, from applications to background screening processes.  

VENUE: In-person

DATE: October 31, 2023 

Learning Objective

Participants will understand basic HR updates that can make jobs more accessible to people with past justice involvement and begin their path to implementation. 


  • Welcome, session overview, and review inter-session progress 

  • Spotlight on candidate experience 

  • Front end updates: posting, application, language 

  • Interviewing best practices 

  • Hiring policies: process & timing, “green light” matrix, and individual reviews 

  • Resources to support and next steps 

Discussion Topics

  • What is the current candidate experience for a person with a past conviction?

  • Where do you see most people fall out of the process?

  • Who needs to be at the table to consider updating policies and practices? 



Cara Bowmore

Manager at Envoy 

Cara is a Manager of Fair Chance Employment at Envoy. She uses her expertise in data-driven grantmaking and experience in workforce development and K-16 education to support the fair chance employment practice.


Emma Pottenger

Associate at Envoy 

Emma is an Associate at Envoy. She has experience in prison and jail reform and advocacy from the ACLU of Southern California Jails Project, and the Prison Education Project.

Implementation Resources

The following process map outlines a set of best practices that can serve as a foundation as companies plan and implement Fair Chance initiatives.

This research from the Legal Action Center examines every reported negligent hiring decision disclosed by a computer assisted search from 1974 until 2022.

Presentation slides from 11/2.



HR Policies

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