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Making the Case & Planning the Strategy 

This module centers on how to drive the internal conversation and build a foundation for Fair Chance employment.

VENUE: In-person

DATE: October 31, 2023 

Learning Objective

Participants will build connections with their peer employers and feel empowered to engage and convene the right group of internal leaders to get started. 


  • Welcome, group introductions, overview of learning series, meet the facilitators 

  • Why we do this work: overview of the business case and community impact and discussion 

  • Basics of the justice system: location specific data, probation/parole, collateral consequences

  • Developing an internal working group 

  • Making the case and setting goals 

  • Resources to support and next steps

Discussion Topics

  • Why are you engaged in the work?

  • What goals do you have for your Fair Chance initiative?

  • What does success look like?


Cassi Headshot_edited.jpg

Cassi Zumbiel 

Managing Director at Envoy 

Cassi is a Managing Director at Envoy. She uses her experience at the intersection of employer-led workforce development and inclusive hiring strategies to lead fair chance employment practices and comprehensive partnerships with employers and associations.


Cara Bowmore

Manager at Envoy 

Cara is a Manager of Fair Chance Employment at Envoy. She uses her expertise in data-driven grantmaking and experience in workforce development and K-16 education to support the fair chance employment practice.

Implementation Resources

This document provides an overview of Fair Chance hiring, including five key tenets of a Fair Chance approach, which demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and opportunity for people impacted by the justice system.

This working group map will help outline key contributors and decision makers in your Fair Chance hiring initiative.

This Goal Setting Framework will assist companies as they set clear and achievable goals that can be shared, discussed, and measured over time.

Presentation slides from 10/31 Session.



Case Making

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